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Jul '19


At an airport, to level a dial must be very careful, one can be easy prey for thefts in general at any level, in the taxi that takes you to the airport terminal, when buying, when loading suitcases and briefcases, anyway, in a long list of situations, but that to steal the back when it comes to paying the tax, it was something that had not been even thought, maybe this is what happened, I want to share the experience so my readers can take their precautions again was in a taxi, heading to the airport, it was night, there was only sadness and silence, but in the background there was fear and when ambos-el silence and fear appear by the door, the courage is cast by the windowis what I wanted to do that night of yore, tears were heavy pain when it comes to the farewell – it seemed my funeral – my loved ones cried and cried and started well-attended endless queues at the Counter, in the Windows of the tax out of the country and precisely when he was here paying with a $100 Bill 30.25 that costs rate, is that me di with the sorpresa-rato later – which gave me the returned incomplete – missing $10, when I returned to claim, they told me that the returned is counted in window-elementary course-, but missing was missing! and that is called STEALING, anything they earned my claims well if something, it served the police do not remove me the look above, then I followed tails, the migration documents, migrations luggage and personal review, until finally I was at my boarding room and the police I was still looking, I reminded Albert Camus in his Le homme repose, when he wrote sometimes crime dresses with offal of innocence and by those weird things that has the man in our time, it is innocence that demonstrate that it is, at the time was already in 21 F – in the middle of the plane and towards the window – engines started to roar softly-a outside cried the pain-, the engines began to infuriate and they roared with more force-outside was still crying pain -the engines sounded and roared believing owners of silence and in the middle of this insanity began to run, run and fly, drilled the clouds and gained height, almost 40,000 feet, after 6 hours arrived at the Benito Juarez, the immense joy of Karin, not dispelled the missing $10 and reminded Jovell Fernandez when wrote is better decide from the knowledge that from ignorance, therefore the next pay with simple. Original author and source of the article. .

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