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May '14


This term, pluriatividade comes sufficiently being argued for the theoreticians and researchers in the present time; according to author, the expansion of the pluriatividade gave itself in the decade of 1970 with the increasing diversification of the sources of income of the agricultural units of production, the author analyzes pluriatividade as being a form of organization of the familiar work and cites: … the social situations where the individuals that compose a family with agricultural domicile pass if to dedicate to the one exercise varied set of economic and productive activities, not necessarily on to the agriculture or the culture of the land, and each time less executed inside of the unit of production. (SCHNEIDER, 2003:115) In general the concepts do not divergem very, for Alentejano (1999) the pluriatividade are had as a diversification of the forms of organization in agriculture, with multiplication of strategies of production of the agriculturists, either urban assalariamento, industrial or artisan transformation of the agricultural production, or still for the development of tertiary activities as services and leisure, (agricultural tourism) in the country property. For Sherer and Miorin (2005) the units of familiar production, are annexing new activities in its matrix of productive income and that nor always essentially agriculturists are happened of activities or creation of animals. Not agriculturists would be activities as complement of the familiar income, but for Schneider (2003) if she cannot only evaluate the fact of complementing familiar income, therefore exists other factors. As well as quotation Del Grossi and Silva (2002) beyond the complementation of the familiar income gotten by the diversification of the activities agriculturists in detriment of the agriculturists still it is not added question of the otimizao of the force of familiar work.

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