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Jan '20

Advertising Media

Here are some of the most interesting:-tables of the in-flight meals: meal trays located on the back of aircraft seats to broadcast combined with ads created by a publishing company content are used. Add to your understanding with Secretary of Agriculture. Now, those passengers can simply lower the trays of food from their seats and enjoy a reading during this unique moment of inactivity. It is similar to the paper tablecloths with news that we see in some restaurants menu. -Products in a supermarket in Second Life: the multinational Kraft portfolio has 70 new products that debuted in a virtual supermarket in Second Life. With this strategy, the advertiser is also transferred to this virtual world in which consumers can learn recipes and receive information about the products on their mobile phones, although at the moment may not test products. – El bathroom as support: there are many examples of advertising in public baths, for example, the Publicis Toronto company advertised phones Rodger with function of video, and what better way that in a bathroom, where people often look in the mirror to retouch it and, incidentally, see how looks his face in the most modern in the market mobile phone. There are also toilets decorated like a House to promote nail hygienic wipes the Kleenex brand. With them, you will feel at home, this was the slogan used to make them known, and in doing so, they decorated public toilets that appear to be those of a conventional House.

-Gastronomy canned Pop-art: it’s a novel way to present a gift certificate to be used at restaurants that comes in the form of Pop Art Tin. The Tin must be opened in the traditional manner, but inside there is no food but a gift certificate for a menu tasting for two that can be redeemed in any of the restaurants in the chain. -Eggs as support: what began as an idea to get ensure the freshness of eggs by marking one one expiration date, was also reoriented toward marketing.

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