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May '19

30 Years ABAS: Portrait Of Margit Dohler

The Universalistin of the ABAS Software AG, and so far the best kept secret at ABAS Karlsruhe, 14.10.2010 – Margit Dohler among the employees of the first years at ABAS. Two years after its establishment she came over a cup of coffee and has since been working for the software company. Officially it is equipped with no leadership title, but is the focal point in the House for all questions related to project management and programming. “It is for ABAS of particular relevance, because it is the universalist”, Judge Wolfgang Dannemann, initiator of the software, which part the work room with her for many years. “You is an all-rounder, has a good memory and an impressive wealth of knowledge, because it is quick to grasp of facts.” “I’m just curious,” Dohler would off with her own roguish smile. Customer support from passion as founder of all the computer scientist has implemented at the beginning of the 1980s first individual programming and was involved in the customer service from the outset. Later she realized that ABAS business software, oversaw numerous projects in some years they up to twenty-five customers at the same time.

“Because I worked more regularly on Saturdays”, recalls Daniels. You can only do that if it appreciates his job and loves. A wholly-owned identification with the work “I am that I meet my work anywhere. Our clients come from many industries. “It’s a good feeling to drive over the motorway, see for example an RV by Dethleffs and to say: all parts off the MRP is run properly”, the avid motorcycle and scooter driver, is pleased that the hobby as a part of the abas triple gang, together with Werner Strub and Peter researches, followed increased also with them with the glider into the air. Dowry Margit Dohler was perfectly created in 1989 at the merger of the two companies, ABAS GmbH and system III, one of the 6 partners.

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