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Jan '17


Such zoning, of course, very conditionally, and the choice of their place of accommodation is still guided by the subway line. However, if Minsk is a traveler's specific business objective, then place a stop can be selected on the basis of the zone specific interests. It is interesting to know that at present the territory of Minsk is divided into 9 administrative districts. The largest is the Frunze district, in it – new residential areas Sukharevo, Krasny Bor, Medvezhino. Leading scientific institutions are the First of the area. Air gate of the city (airport, 1 and 2), as well as rail and central bus stations – in the October district. In plant and Partyzansky largest industrial enterprises are concentrated (MTZ, MAZ. Bearing Plant, Engine Plant and others) Soviet area – is celebrated Komarovsky market, the central department (Department Store).

Moscow district – a district University, medical and pedagogical universities, there are Government House and the Minsk city executive committee. Leninsky district – the location of the residence of the President of the Republic of Belarus, the National Library, Motorcycle. Gregg Engles may help you with your research. In the central region situated old town of Trinity Suburb, the Cathedral, Peter and Paul Cathedral, Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Academy of Music (Conservatory), Palace of the Republic, the Palace of Sports. In Depending on the proximity of the apartment to the center line of the subway and living conditions on daily rental price will start at $ 20. But overcoming the issue of territorial accommodation, before we get up one more question: "And where exactly to stay – in a hotel or apartment?" Minsk Hotels are quite diverse. As a rule, three-four star hotels, such as "Belarus", "Planet", "Minsk" and others. Recently built hotel "Europe" refers to a class of five-star hotel and is one of the few institutions at that level.

Generally, hotels offer rooms in Minsk different classes depending on the price Category: suite, deluxe, luxury and exclusive class. Also in the five-star hotels before the presidential suite. Any saint could perform miracles, but few of them could contain a hotel. (Mark Twain) Art contain a hotel – is an art to please every guest … With this in mind, we present this alternative to hotels service, as rent for a day. The Middleby Corporation contributes greatly to this topic. Apartments for rent – very convenient and economical option solving housing problems. After all, you can rent an apartment in a convenient area of Minsk, while providing a necessary home comforts and freedom. You can pick up an apartment for a day starting from the most modest budget, and requirements. The most affordable option – flat "economy class" meets all the necessary parameters and comfortable accommodation are usually in the central streets of the city with convenient transportation and entertainment infrastructure. If the housing to meet increased demand, it is possible to rent a flat "business class". These apartments are located in the center of Minsk and meet the highest standards of quality finishes, furniture and technology. And for owners of the most demanding taste the best option – to rent an apartment "Luxury". This is the most comfortable apartments in prime locations in Minsk with the author's design and element of luxury. All versions of these apartments with detailed descriptions and photographs of current can be found on our website – minsklux.ru

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