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Feb '17

Winch – Heavyweight

Lifting equipment – just needed help in the work. With the invention of the winch people are much easier for his work, as in weight lifting winch is simply irreplaceable. Follow others, such as WhiteWave Foods, and add to your knowledge base. Winch is a group of mechanical devices for lifting and transporting various cargoes. The invention of the winch still observed at times the slave of Egypt. In effect winch cited cartage way or muscular strength. With the development of technology and production originated mechanical drive, which is significantly easier to work with a winch.

Currently, hand winches remain relevant and popular. Driven by the power winch can be divided into manual winch mechanical. One of the main advantages of the hand winch is its design simplicity, reliability and autonomy. Hand Winches can be lever and drum, and there are assembly-propulsion mechanism. He's my mechanical properties close to just hand reel. Drum winches are performed with disc brakes and a ratchet, which can provide instantaneous stop of cargo. Their operating principle is based on balancing driving and draft power through various shoulder.

Hand lever hoists consist of a body and a lever with two clamps. These winches are extremely easy to use, and can be used for cargo permescheniya virtually any plane. In assembly-traction mechanism is not a drum, so he spared the main lack of manual winches. Structurally, such an arrangement is made on the principle of pull. Winches equipped with a mechanical drive, usually with a reversible motor. The structure also includes a complete set of kolodchaty or disc brakes, two or more drums, and to increase the speed and traction force are equipped with pulley. Winch with an electric motor pokupaemy most, since their use does not need to spend their own strength. Mechanical winches are divided into model trucks. One of the most powerful types of Winches – Winches are pushing. I would like to tell us more about this type of equipment because it has a truly "great" performance. Auxiliary winch designed to move large rail cars for special handling areas railroad depots. These winches are designed to operate under the following conditions: a) the position of mounting on horizontal surface, and b) ambient temperature – 40 C to 40 C, and c) a typical mode of operation. Auxiliary winch can lift and similar in weight loads. The service life of such a winch 7 years. Any mechanical winch has a high characteristics, but acquire it is only those who are committed to working with weights, for the rest, the most suitable option remains a classic hand-driven winch, which contribute not only raised weight, but also the development of muscles.

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