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Oct '16

Wiesbaden Experts

Mainzer Street 79, 65189 Wiesbaden, from 14: 00 to 17: 00 honey or honey? “” For the second time the event takes experts to review “MyPlace self storage provider” held in Wiesbaden. So, the Wiesbaden get to learn whether store treasures or just worthless junk in their cellars the chance again. “The art experts Reno Daschmann and Sinika Roman of the art and auction house free in enlighten Wiesbaden, whether E.g. the old image of the grandfather or the dresser inherited for generations actually real treasures” are. “As a whole were experts evaluate” Germany over 1,400 items rated. Many Wiesbaden know the problems, the family heirlooms often entail: occupy much space and you usually cannot find real use. Therefore, they end up either in dark basement compartments or on the bulky waste. That it sometimes involves valuable antiques, most know not.

Certainty gives back MyPlace SelfStorage’ again, if “it says on September 1st from 14:00 17:00 at the Mainzer Street 79: experts to review”. Whether painting, jewelry pieces, chests of drawers, books, carpets or other collections: Managing Director Reno Daschmann and the art expert Sinika Roman of the art and auction house Wiesbaden Council know and appreciate all brought items free of charge. “In the past two years, experts provided review” repeatedly for big surprises, not only on pages of the owner, but also on the pages of the Organizer. The action us unless amazed each time because of the brought articles or stories, that behind”, says Martin Gerhardus, managing partner of MyPlace self. We had really almost all of valuable paintings from the 18th century with an estimated value of more than 8,000 euros, ancient Persian bronze figures up to completely worthless things. Once was a copy of painter Carl Spitzweg brought. The image was even coated and thus washable”Gerhardus adds smiling. Many are often also very disappointed after assessing that the supposedly precious dishes brings a little, but equally makes it easy to know that the old stuff without having a bad conscience at the flea market can be sold. Many do not want to get rid their precious ‘, the ideal value is often more important than the material”, finally, to Gerhardus. In addition to experts to review”is also cordially invited that day to a site inspection.

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