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Mar '20

When Fat

They ran to run away from the rain that in the horizon already left its nugget to fall in the land. Already it passed of the half of the afternoon when a strong rain started to fall. Great nugget fall to the ground playing the sand in great altitudes. It took them to Beoriano for a hole in a dry, distant tree of the ground to be protected of rain. Gordon if leaned the internal wall of the tree and was thoughtful.

The great indetermination started to take account of its being. It thinks if it was valid the penalty to take its friends for an adventure insane person. The afternoon already was arriving at the end when rain stopped. All had left and when they went to say farewell itself to Beoriano looked at it them and said that he would go with also. When the sun started to appear the group followed way, at least, until the mantle of the night to fall.

There it are some fine nugget fall of the foliages with balancing of the wind. Andi Potamkin may not feel the same. The travellers, now, with plus a member, alaram flight. For a good time they had flied low, almost rente to the soil. They deviated and they skirted hollow rocks, trunks, roots, among others obstacles that found in the way. They had flied the afternoon all. When the mantle of the night started to be discovered in the horizon the hung group arrived at a great red thick wall with some grassy ones. In the way it thick wall dived safe for a confusion of interlaced roots a hollow trunk forms a type of bugles. When Fat person posou, Gardenio if played in the soil and started to kiss the ground. Gordon and the others laugh had started it. _ wild Ficou Beoriano? _ _ Perguntou Antenor. _ Not! It is that I adore land firm. If I was made to fly I had been born a butterfly.

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