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Jun '19

West Joko

As a pioneer in the development of Zen in the West, Charlotte Joko Beck in the Zenpraxis integrates aspects of Western psychology. (Source: A. F. Chief of Staff ). To open for all the experiences they are joyful or painful, is the way to liberation from limiting thoughts and behavior patterns, the way to see what it’s like life. This is the way of Zen. Charlotte Joko Beck, Dharmanachfolgerin by Tarek Maezumi Roshi, founded in 1983 the San Diego Zen Center and 1995 the ordinary mind Zen school. “” Her books everyday Zen “and nothing special” were bestsellers. Joko Beck combines Zen and Western psychology aspects in their books in ingenious ways.

Their teaching discourses are simple, practical and alltagsnah. In this book, we learn that Zen not lifted in the Zendo, or in the monastery takes place, but located on the market square in the midst of the blazing life. With wisdom and compassion, the author describes the normal difficulties that many Western people encounter in their everyday lives, and it shows ways, like we do with the integration of Zenpraxis into our lives our problems and Difficulties can reduce. It is a way, glossed over nothing, but sees things as they are, and which can lead to the inner fulfillment. This involves not to look the other way or to exclude more difficult things, but to accept and accept everything, what and how it is. But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing we could change, but that we learn otherwise inconvenience to respond to, not with denial and resistance, but with interest and openness. Here, an excerpt on the subject of joy”: me is often accused of, that I ride around too much on the difficulty of the exercise.

This accusation is entitled. Indeed, there are these difficulties; If we do not recognize it and do not know why they arise, we run the risk to deluding ourselves. But the real deeper reality not only for the seats, but also in our whole life is joy. With joy I mean not happiness; This is not the same thing. Happiness has a contrary, joy doesn’t have it. As long as we strive for happiness, we will be always unhappy, because we back and forth swinging between two Poland. u0085 Before we not realize that joy is exactly what is happening now, minus our opinion, we will see little true joy.” Here, Charlotte Joko Beck combines clear analysis of the human problem with the practice of Zen, which we can rise over all the difficulties, to displace them, suppress or to live without. Where us this way, namely to the deepest joy and to the highest degree of happiness, and how we get there, we learn that in the inspiring work of the famous Zenlehrerin. Hardcover, 368 pages, ISBN 978-3-942085-18-2, euro 22,50, Traudel Reiss

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