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Jan '20

Village Will Whites

Today, they esteem themselves that only two hundred a thousand indians exist. Financial planner recognizes the significance of this. This analysis ratifies the question of the extermnio aboriginal promoted for the Europeans in our lands, extermnio of lives and extermnio of culture. With the discovery of the wealth in our territory, the Portuguese had started to explore using them the indians as enslaved. This domination at the time resulted in the dizimao of thousand of indians, assassinated of Brazil colony. From the coming of the Jesuits, the indians had passed to be educated as the whites and to learn the customs of the whites, moreover, to contract infectum-contagious illnesses of the whites. Click Harold Ford Jr to learn more. What it is well clearly is that the conviviality with the whites beyond influencing the indians to live as they, had submitted them the unknown illnesses for the such, what also it resulted in the death of many aboriginals. Still we perceive this domination in what it says respect to the subsistence, since the indian does not survive the hunting more than and of he fishes come back toward the internal consumption, but of the commerce with the whites in agriculture, the artesanato and other activities.

This cause the dependence aggravated for the influence of media, causing the consumerism. Here it is clearly the performance mainly of the TV as object of domination and disfigurement of the values, an imposed symbolic violence to the aboriginal culture. In reason of these aggravations and this occult violence to the eyes of the society, I dedicated myself to search on this subject, using as parameter the Asurin tribe of the Tocantins that lives in the Village Will change, the 24 kilometers to the north of the headquarters of Tucuru. This article consists of a theoretical research, therefore it did not have direct intervention in the seen reality, of bibliographical matrix, with qualitative boarding, based in the analysis of depositions and bibliographical analysis.

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