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Dec '14

Tula Touring Club

Prospects for the development of local Speleotourism in Orel require the development of security measures visit the underground facilities in the area on the example of the quarries 'Eight' and 'Water'. The most safe visit a cave 'Eight'. Large rooms, no narrow, watering and durable roofs offer a guarantee on the block, falls and drowning lovers dungeons. Low branching moves allow navigate in a cave, even for inexperienced cavers. Therefore, to ensure security is enough to put in the first hall of the cave register of visits and mark numbers with arrows at all exit junctions and bifurcation. Much more complicated is the case with the quarry 'Water'. The presence of a large (approx. 800 meters) of the aquifer with a depth of 3.5 meters and a minimum ceiling height of 30 cm water level makes this a dangerous object for a visit slabopodgotovlennymi or insufficiently equipped with the people.

All this is compounded by low temperature (around 5 C) and complex topology. One magazine at the entrance and marked crossings can not do. Must provide tourists minimum necessary equipment to provide safety measures in case of an emergency and to prepare the group for visiting this object. First, participants should have the suits for work in cold water. Otherwise, in case of emergency during their lifetime will be restricted with the time to find a man in cold water and in our case will not exceed 20 minutes, which can be nedostatoyno to exit to the surface from distant parts of the cave. Among other things, the visitors 'Water' must have two separate sealed light source, as output in the dark on the left or right wall of the complex because of entanglement of moves. When sailing without a boat, in a diving suit, life jacket is required to avoid turning over what is happening often enough because of accumulating at the foot of air.

In the case of sailing a boat without wetsuits, you also need to have a life jacket in case of flooding water craft. When viewed from the cave with two or more boats can restrict our wetsuits, in this case, the emergency-affected towed on a nearby boat. It should be noted that despite all these measures, you should always have a rescue team on their boats, equipped wetsuits and underwater lights. Additionally, they must have a means of carrying (soft stretcher) and the means of escape in case of hypothermia (thermos with hot tea, warm clothing, etc.). Composition spasotryada – minimum 2 persons. Their operational readiness must be no more than 30-40 minutes of receiving signal. For such work is most suitable public search and rescue team. Experience in creating such a unit is in Tula Touring Club 'Odyssey', where it operates since 1995. The group, traveling in a cave 'Water' should be prepared and know the basic rules of visiting speleological. In conclusion we can say that with appropriate training and logistical support, observing all precautions and bearing reliable communications with search and rescue team, you can safely go to Orel speleological.

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