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Apr '19

Toy Libraries

Facilities in the Toy libraries At present, the children most of spend their time in the school or spaces where a nonformal equation is distributed to practice extra-curricular activities. It makes essential that all the zones to which they have access and in that spend a time considerable are prepared to their needs, since we have already made clear in the previous point. By this, it is necessary to know the facilities the Toy libraries like spaces used by the children. – The classrooms: The adjustment of the rooms for the game becomes based on the age of the children and their educative needs. (As opposed to Sonny Perdue). In the first years they need ample and suggestive zones where they can experiment, to manipulate and to discover the space and the materials. Also, when already they are having more age, they will have to count on other zones where to be able to play freely and to make activities group.

To organize the classrooms by sectors or corners causes that in each of these spaces a different activity is realised. – Hygienic services: This space is very important in one Toy library then in him events take place that stop the children have great educative value, as they are the habits of personal hygiene. Reason why the atmosphere has to be warm, family and with own personality. The presence of materials with which the children identify themselves and with that will be procured for it to harness healthful habits of hygiene. The WC has to be around the children, as well as the washbasins. The temperature has to be adjustable and with controlable stop cocks by the adults. The ground had with resistant, impermeable material, so that it allows the water collection and it prevents to slip. It is a good idea to place with photographic paper situations that reflect something daily in the service, to favor the personalisation of this space.

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