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Jan '14

Top Cruise Traveler Tips

Plan long time at the airport to the park, check-in, and reach the exit door. You may also experience some inconveniences and delays – please be patient. There will be thorough checks of all airports and aircraft before passengers are allowed to enter the plane. You have to limit hand luggage and to possess photo ID issued by the government, and as always, I strongly urge that to obtain a passport as the most important piece of identification. You may also notice other law enforcement officers and uniformed canine teams patrolling airports – all to ensure their safety.

What changes do you see regarding your cruise experience? Embarkation and disembarkation can take longer due to additional security measures. Strict enforcement of required identification and nationality and travel documents. Boarding will be denied without presenting proper documentation. Your documents must be originals – no copies allowed. a Those are the Top Ten Cruise Traveler Tips 1. Shopping trip / vacation interruption insurance. Check with your travel agent about the coverage benefits and limitations.

2. Review your cruise documents in advance for important guidelines and travel tips. Again, check with cruise operators with knowledge to ensure they are well prepared. 3. Before leaving home, call the airline – or visit their website for arrival and departure flight information 4. Be at the airport early – two hours or more unless local circumstances dictate that allows a longer time. Security checks will take additional time. 5. Minimize hand luggage or baggage to be willing to seek and suspicious items confiscated (nail files, scissors / clippers, etc.) Please make your luggage is clearly labeled with the gift bag full of labels bearing documents .

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