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Jan '22

Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes In Scientology Boot Camp

Can you do his great love to something like this? The true love can be or just the fear of losing his wife. Anyway, not demolish the rumors about the terrible ongoing at the moment marriage by this action. There is talk of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Allegedly, Tom Cruise should have sent his wife Katie in a punishing Scientology boot camp for three days. Reportedly, she should know there a “training and cleaning”.

A strict schedule was laid to the mad money star, which it prescribes what the days she has to do. She was in the remote gold base in California be been arrested. “This camp includes various test, read reports, meetings and tons, there is also a physically very demanding cleaning”, so a Scientology Insider. “Tom wants his wife going through these cleaning.” You arrive well the members of the sect.” Oh, Katie, liberate you and your daughter finally from this tragedy. Lisa Walters

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