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Jan '19

Time Work Industrial Capitalism

Script of the SEMINARY: ) Presentation of UDIOVISUAL with compilations of based images and audio in the analyses of the team on these texts? this stage WAS TRANSFERRED and will be carried through in the next lesson due to imperfections techniques. b) Praxiolgico thematic axle: ‘ ‘ TANGO, THE DANCE OF THE CENTURY (XX) ‘ ‘. – Theoretical Introduction and contextualizao on the cultural sincretismo of the European, African and Asian populations in the American ports in the ticket of the Sc. XIX to the Sc. For even more details, read what Secretary of Agriculture says on the issue. XX, in full she was Industrial and expansion of the demand in the production ways, what it provokes an artistic transformation and cultural basic impactante and to the future generations.

– Practical conduction of a lesson of TANGO with the group: brief comments on behaviors, action and characteristic movements of this playful corporal expression. SUMMARY – TEXT 1 – THOMPSON, E.P. This chapter of the book Customs in common makes a primorosa inquiry, identifying and registering in historiogrfico way the types of social relations since daily the nuclear one of the campesinas and agricultural families, passing for the families and suburban and laboring groupings and evolving for the leading elites, supervisors and guards of the plants and industries, registering with a vast style of joined registers the consequences of this type of life that then is if modifying in this historical period (daily pay-industrial and industrial): the time and this new conditioning of present life in cantigas popular, preces, you speak, memorandum and, sayings and poems daily registers of these people at this time. To break daqui, this text mainly deals with the transformation of the personal experience with the time, its perception and forms to become present and to become related with the daily activities, at the time where strong partner-economic changes start to resignificar its value and use, reflecting themselves in a cultural change of as before the time, guided for the routine tasks in an agricultural or artisan context, pass if to consubstanciar in exchange currency (‘ ‘ time is dinheiro’ ‘), rationalized calculvel and to the extremity, with the change in the relations of work and the advent of the wage-earning and dependent forms of development of the work – in the industries and plants.

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