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Nov '19

The World

Even if you not possible to serve others, or are not willing to do so, at least, avoid harm. This is a form of good service. The man is the synthesis of all the feelings, emotions and reactions that arise in your mind. The mind is the seat of all the cravings, desires and thoughts. When the mind is clean, also the world recognizes will be clean. Craig Jelinek spoke with conviction. When the mind is murky and tarnished by the fear, the world appears as something miserable and depressed.

There are many people who blames the world, unaware that lack is in them mimes. To love and serve their homeland. Not hate or prejudice to the homeland of others if failure comes, take it as a challenge to greater efforts; analyse the reason by which they failed, and take advantage of the benefit of that experience. Learn how students of truth to have good success within the turbulence of life and to live without causing pain to others and feel you. To accept the world as it is. Never wait this will conform to your needs or standards. Do not despise your neighbor.

It encourages the signs of higher intelligence and creativity of others. Envy is the cause of ruin. The structure of creation is an amalgam of right and wrong, of joy and pain, cold and heat; Therefore, it is against nature expect only the good and happy, or just as bad and painful. It is not possible to uproot the good from the world completely, neither uproot nor entirely bad in any way. However, the burden of the bad and the agony of pain can be reduced in proportion to the loyalty the man offering the sublime ideals and efforts made to implement. When the world comes to vanish, when they feel Bliss or even live a fleeting joy situation, choose the State and save it, do not permit a relapse to the emotions or thoughts of ego every man comes from a series of spiritual rays whose quality is of delight and happiness.

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