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Jun '13

The Saburra

A black pale and also slippery saburra involves an excess of cold due to a deficiency of Yang.Cuidados to taken into account during the diagnosis by the lenguYa that each individual disorder goes through a complicated process, the body language and the saburra conditions are manifestations of complex internal pathological changes. The condition of the body of the tongue mainly reflects a deficiency or an excess level of Zang-Fu organs as well as the relative strength of vital Qi. The condition of the saburra reflects the depth and nature of the invading pathogenic factors. _ Requires a thorough analysis of the conditions both the body and the saburra based on their respective indications. The condition of the body of the tongue and the saburra are generally concordant; the disease is usually diagnosed based on the observation of both. For example, an internal heat retention by excess produces a language of red color with a dry and yellow saburra, a pale tongue with a white and wet saburra often occurs in cold syndromes by deficiency.

However, may be situations in which the body of the tongue and the saburra not pointing to the same picture, in which case only an exhaustive analysis, which will give us reliable information with which to achieve a greater differentiation of syndromes. It is convenient to observe language in direct natural light and is shall ask the patient to remove it complete but naturally, without tightening it too. Some foods and medicines can change the color of the saburra, as well as the thickness and the same moisture can also change after eating or of having brushing or scraping. It should be paid much attention apara able to exclude such phenomena induced by the factors mentioned above during the clinical examination. Original author and source of the article.

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