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Jan '19


What little has been done to combat the pandillaje, responds to a very poor in the national police and the serenazgo logistics. When the serenazgo to catch these offenders, delivered them to the police, and this in turn called parents and the minutes already are free to counting his exploits.For these and other reasons, it is necessary to develop a strategy that breaks the schemes and any possibility of re grouping of gangs, because it is there where force them to commit their misdeeds. PROPOSAL of TURBO GAS.-our company to developed a system called anti-car which from the inside of a vehicle activates an extinguisher that discharges dry chemical powder to the outside, activating and managing it so that just cancelling to persons who intend to approach the vehicle.Would be necessary to adapt this system and be used to deter the pandillaje case,: first-know effects seek among them: a) only dissolve them b) dissolve them and identify them c) identify and catch them second.-under the influence of dust chemical dry can: to) identify through a laser and hitting them psychologically. b) unleashing a war of nerves between them c) mark them so that when you arrive home impregnated dust dry, chemical parents to recognize that he was making and punish them for that reason. (d) within the confusion by temporary loss of visibility, the individual seeks to protect is and runs in any sense seeking a way out, what makes that almost always choose the wrong direction and delivered to others or hitting something. DISUAS, name that has been assigned to our device of deterrence that conveniently installed in a vehicle, you can download via nozzles, about 12 kg. PQS (dry chemical siliconized) and thanks to the outlet pressure, which is uniform in all directions can saturate an area of 150 to 200 square meters, in turn, while downloading the PQS, turns on a mermaid electronic all the time that do lack, and the same shall be equal to that used by the national police. .

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