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Mar '16

The Place

Unfortunately is not the case when we return from the work we have our children, who have missed us enormously, they want our embrace and our attention, our time and dedication, who want to teach us what they have learned today that want our gaze and recognition because we have not seen all day. And we wonder, is perhaps this so abnormal? Answer me yourselves, put in the place of their children may even be the place that you occupied in his childhood if they were already part of a modern family where both parents had a professional career. We can talk about that there is no more remedy, that life is very expensive, which must work to cover all the needs of the family, but which needs are most urgent? cover than the affective And these, fortunately, does not cost any money. With this reflection, we just try and do see that our children’s future will not be prosperous because we choose this or that College of prestige or it will not be happier because they have many toys and never miss your favorite TV show, or not be more complete or they will have more opportunities because we aim them to countless extracurricular activities our children’s future It is in our hands. We are the parents who we win, with affection and respect, your trust. We are us and our time and love that our children need, especially in their early years of life, and what will make them grow as confident individuals.

We who have them do see that their parents will always be there for us when needed and that not only says with words; It is demonstrated in every day with love, time and dedication. We are the parents who will establish them in their great majority their scale of values, respect for Yes same and to others, tolerance, generosity, love, responsibility. Being a father is wonderful and also a great responsibility that, faced with maturity, will take us to our children to enjoy, to see them grow and nurture a special relationship with them, without sacrificing us as adults, since we are the mirror in which they look. Thanks a lot.

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