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Mar '15

The Main Functions Of Religion

The most characteristic of religion is a compensatory function. In its role as protector of all the explaining and comforting, a mediator between the weakness of man and the omnipotence of natural disasters, a religious concept is in its very early and primitive modification was designed to protect from the evil influence of unknown external forces and at the same time teach you how to avoid such impacts, protect themselves, to appease evil spirits. In particular for It is an illusion and mystical form, it compensated for the weakness of man, his limited knowledge, inadequate social structure, etc. Believing in gods and spirits, bringing them to the victims, praying to them and hoping for their help, the person voluntarily gave himself under the protection of unseen supernatural forces, in whose omnipotence he sincerely believed. With increasing complexity of society have changed the form of compensation: turning to religion, and firmly believing in its tenets, the person tried to find consolation in it, using it to get rid of injustices and wrongs of social disorder and political persecution.

But the essence of the function remained the same: in religion, people, and especially religiously active population (hermits, ascetics, monks, Sufi, etc.) to find a way to escape from the imperfections of earthly existence, to escape from suffering, immortality, and merger with the Absolute, the eternal life in heaven, etc. Compensating function of religion is closely linked to its other functions – integrating. The social significance of particular importance. Bringing people in the world authorized by it, formed under the influence of its social, ethical and spiritual values, all religious concept blesses the established norms and the existing order and to promote social, ideological and political integration.

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