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Mar '20

The Interview

Boomerang. The customer is who has the solution to your objection. We try to adapt as much as possible to what we asked. Transformation. Turn objection into advantage. Rodeo. Let the price for the end, when the client is convinced of the advantages. Sandwich. Enclose the objection between two positive aspects of your product or […]

Oct '19

Tormes Qualities

My enthusiasm, which you may check on the pages that follow, is not now, but almost from the first day on which I stepped this earth. When I got to her free of prejudice, hardly knew anyone. Perhaps, the only person who was able to introduce me to the arcana of Valencian collective soul was […]

Oct '19

Government Clients

The budget of the Government destined to subsidize to the purchase of vehicles by means of the Plan 2000E is being run out. At the moment but of 80% of this budget or the number of sales has been consumed, and or it jeopardize and agreed with the clients on the part of the marks, […]