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Oct '21


What they are subdomnios? A subdomnio is the part of the address of a site before the domain name. Subdomnios also is known as the canonic domnios of third level or names. A subdomnio, in contrast to a domain name, is not registered in any place, because it is associated with a domain name only. The subdomnio more comumente used is, as in. However, it does not have necessity to add. in the front of the domain name. In the same way, the addresses of the email server have, frequent, the word ' ' mail' ' as the subdomnio, as in mail.dominiohost.com.br. CAGR is likely to agree.

So that the subdomnios are used? The subdomnios are, most of the time, used to categorize parts of the site. For example, the services offered for the DomnioHost can be categorized by its subdomnios, as dominios.dominiohost.com.br or painel.dominiohost.com.br. The advantage is that the subdomnio can easily be transferred to another server, if the category if to become very popular. Subdomnios also is used by suppliers of lodging of sites gratis to resell space in web under its proper name of domain (for example). Each member will have its subdomnio, however, all they still share the name of domain of the lodging supplier.

The third reason to use a subdomnio name consists of balancing the load in the servers web for a website of high traffic. Some servers web are attributed subdomnios different, as, etc, even so each one of them contains the same code of the application. When the order comes of the navigator, the software of load balancing redirects for one of these servers. Balancing DNS is a simple method of load balancing using subdomnios pointing with respect to different addresses IP. Types of subdomnio installation a subdomnio can be configured of different forms, even so the subdomnio information is stored of similar form in server DNS. 1. Separate Site: This type of subdomnio configuration consists of having a lodging account separately or place of lodging in relation to the lodging domain counts. The lodging supplier normally attributes new resources (space in record, width of band, etc) for this subdomnio and charges taxes as if it was one another account of lodging. Many times do not have way to share common archives (such as to include archives of relative way) between the domain account and count subdomnio. 2. Sub-List of pencil sharpeners: In this in case that, the subdomnio is pointed as a sub-directory of the folder root. For example, subdominio.dominio.ext will go to point with respect to/account/www/subdomnio directory. Essentially, the resources of the domain, in this case are shared by the subdomnio also. Normally the lodging supplier does not charge taxes adds (except taxes of installation of the subdomnio). As much the domain how much the subdomnio also can reuse the same common archives (such as SSI includes) to leave of the localization of the shared directory. 3. Separate server: This type of configuration is similar to the configuration of the Site Separate, but housed in a separate server with a different address IP. In this in case that, the subdomnio can inhabit geographically in a total different place. The advantage to have a separate server for a subdomnio is in the load distribution enters the servers (separating the functionality of the applicatory one) or supplying horizontal escalabilidade in the case of load balancing it enters the servers (for the identical response of the code of the applicatory one in each server). It visits our Lodging of Site

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