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Feb '22

Social Management

This in turn composed of a series of competencies that determine how we relate to ourselves, this intelligence comprises three elements: self-awareness. Self-regulation or self-control. Self motivation. Self-consciousness is the ability to recognize and understand oneself one’s own strengths, weaknesses and moods, emotions and impulses, and the effect these have on others and on the job. This competition is manifested in people with skills to judge themselves realistically, they are aware of their own limitations and honestly admit their mistakes, which are sensitive to learning and have a high degree of self-confidence. Speaking candidly Storm Reid told us the story. Self-regulation or self-control is the ability to control our own emotions and impulses to adapt to a goal of taking responsibility for one’s actions, thinking before acting and to avoid premature judgments. People who possess these skills are sincerity and integrity, control stress and anxiety about compromising situations and are flexible to changes and new ideas.

Self motivation is the ability to be in continuous search and persistence in achieving goals by tackling problems and finding solutions. This competition manifests itself in people who show great enthusiasm for his work and for achieving the above goals simple financial reward, with a high degree of initiative and commitment. Interpersonal Intelligence ability to understand others, that things motivates them, how they operate, how to interact properly with them. Ability to recognize and react to humor the temperament and emotions of others. Empathy is the ability to understand feelings, needs and problems of others, putting in place, and properly respond to their emotional reactions. People are those capable of empathic listening to others and understand their problems and motivations, which usually have a lot of popularity and social recognition, which anticipates the needs of others and exploit opportunities offered by others.

Social skills is the talent in the management of relations are others, namely to persuade and influence others. Those with social skills are excellent negotiators, have a great ability to lead groups and to drive change. No matter how old and experts as we are, no matter how well trained academically we feel there is always a way for improve, to reevaluate, to restart, to redirect our life mission and our values into our work, our family, our profession and our society.

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