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Feb '20

Shrink Couplings

Installation instructions Coupling shrinkable grade Cmn-10 kV Prior to joining! Check that the kit you are going to use corresponds to the cross section of the cable (see Table 1). Check the label set and the label on the mounting instructions. It is not excluded that the components or working operations were improving since then, as the last time you assembled the product. Carefully read these instructions and follow the sequence of operations. Table 1 Type of clutch operating voltage, kV cable cross section, Shrink Couplings are designed for connect the power cables with paper insulation in accordance with GOST 18410-73 on voltage of 6 kV and 10 kV AC, 50 Hz climatic design UHL 1, 5 according to GOST 15150-69. 2. Safety measures must be carried out clutch assembly in compliance with the general safety rules according to ‘Inter-industry rules on safety in the operation of electrical’ RB ‘Technical documentation for the clutch for power cables with paper and plastic insulated 10 kV’ and list of rules and regulations in force in the enterprise, applying the clutch.

3. General notes All operations should be carried out in strict accordance with these instructions, without allowing changes in installation technology. 3.1 Before installation: – to check on availability of parts pick list included under section applied cable – to prepare the workplace and the necessary tools and devices – to check paper insulation in the absence of moisture. Mounting sleeve on the cable with wet insulation is strictly prohibited! 3.2 installation process should be continuous until it is completed. During assembly to observe cleanliness and hand instrument and perform all the activities that prevent dust and moisture into the sleeve. 3.3 The surfaces of metal shells, armoring tape or hose cable, intended for contact with the sealant, should be degreased, stripped (shell armoring tape and metallic shine to) a file or sandpaper and degreased again.

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