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Dec '13

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Perhaps the most important decision you will make is what you’re creating your listing for if you want your project to be on base or at the Select level. Any of them will give you access to the main providers of first class service, but a key difference between the two: In the Select level, service providers can not see the supply of other proposals submitted. This translates into more detailed but smaller number of responses, in general, from the most serious level of investment registered suppliers. At the basic level, where service providers can read all other items will continue to receive offers highly qualified individuals, but will have a greater number of responses, with less detail the proposal. From this basic level also produces a wide range of lower, as suppliers to see all the quantities of supply and competition against them. Participation in the Select level costs more for you and the providers of basic services, so you’ll have to decide the best option for each of their lists of projects. Elance provides additional information on contribution levels to help you make the most advantageous option.

Once you have paid a fully refundable deposit of $ 25 to re-confirm their identity, their work will be published and the offers start pouring in. This brings you to the most difficult part of the process: hiring the best combination for you and your work-in-hand. Some offers will be rejected immediately because of the inflated prices or a mismatch of skills obvious, but usually end up with a collection of the contenders.

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