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Dec '14

Saving Money in a crisis

Today, when there is a risk of economic recession, business owners feverishly looking for ways to save the investment. Someone is buying shares of foreign companies. Someone in a hurry to get rid of risky investments. But only truly wise people are able to look forward soberly. We all know these sages. They are owners of the most successful brands such as Coca Cola, Chanel, Heinz, Levi's, Heineken, Ford. They, like anyone else, know that investment in promotion of the company – a guarantee of a comfortable future, not only for themselves but for their descendants.

In creating his own company, you will definitely want to become a leader. And no doubt thinking that someday manage her will your children and grandchildren and then. By investing in the capitalization of its brand, you will make it stronger. And the best way it has been known creators of the world's greatest brands. All of us at least once tasted wonderful vermouth martini.

But few people think that the global success of the company that other, as a result of investments in capitalization. For owners of the company brand was and still is the family value. Therefore, at all times they are not stint, and they contribute a maximum of effort and money. As a result, the brand has acquired the force that helped to survive the century, to resist the economic and financial crises, not only in Italy but worldwide. For 160 years we drink martinis, and if the owners do not stop investing brand, then we will drink as much again. Think now of your company 10 years and you certainly want it to bring you an income for years to come. So invest in your brand every last penny and you will never lose. And remember, your brand is still alive is living and your name.

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