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May '19

Sara Cobb

We were not surprised that He is pronounced campogrupal.com in this regard, that conflict refers to the engine vital events human both in the sense of active as passive reality adaptation and this notion is key for any operator in health concerned about the concepts and criteria that routed his actions, both from the point of view of prevention (and its various forms) and the promotion of health. Talk about the notion of conflict refers to a subject that in recent times this taking boom: mediation. The practice of mediation is gradually beginning to spread (especially in judicial fields and family therapy, and various organizations). So they are also beginning to emerge courses and training seminars on the subject. Within existing lines in mediation, which possibly emphasizes more on the attitudinal and psychological understanding is what proposes Sara Cobb for many years working in United States with a so-called model circular. To Sara Cobb, mediate don’t arbitrate or order between the parties in conflict, but enter a system (with included third party) search for minimum agreements, in which a metasystem is transparent: the apprehension of the mechanisms that allow the output or the achievement of such agreements. Where while you import the achievement of agreements, it also imports the prominence of the parties, and the attainment of a learning deeper which is the parties obtain resources to learn how to resolve conflicts (deutero learning). If we were to think articulations with Social Psychology could make it with the task of the social psychologist when it cooperates (copiensa) so the dilemmatic situations bear problems. Social psychologist and mediator left uncorrected in the place of but which are positioned in the intervention (etymologically a come between) so the Poles (or parts) that configure the tension of conflict dialecticen, talk to constructing a new narrative (mediation) or novel (Social Psychology). But, if we say that the conflict is vital engine in our life everyday because the satisfaction of needs is always searching and transporters, and therefore problematic, generator of voltage, does this mean that third parties, operators of mediators, social psychologists, therapists, etc., you always need to go through life? If you would like to answer this question? It reminds us of the conceptions, ideologies, deepest of our existence, to our philosophies of life in general and in particular to how we think (our health) mental health and health.

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