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Aug '19

Russia ATV

So Some owners of ATV use all the tools, as well as a network to find people with similar interests, revolving around an excellent outdoor recreation. So there are whole clubs that bring people together with similar Regards. As a result, each necessarily big or small city in Russia already listed owner of the club fans off-road, under the sphere of influence of constantly opening up exciting events and activities pokatushek like. In the cities of our country these groups very much, and regional clubs are not so much. In particular, we have a recent ATV Club With regards to the overall activities involving off-road, all they are easy to conditionally divided into a couple of – a cheerful holiday, for example – pokatushki (raids on the nature of the weekend), holidays and real expeditions, and sports such as recreation, including the organization of the various championships, cups, etc. Travelling to weekend or how raids are also sometimes referred to as the owners of ATVs, pokatushki, are a class of collective relaxation that is associated with the conduct of joint raids on nature for recreation and field trips SUV anywhere. Usually, spending time on such a scenario is almost always goes, regardless of what type of company selected a – small or large. Most often, most of the cars, the owners of any take a trip to teach for the first time, moves in the normal package and other SUVs, whose owners – regulars travel usually always loaded with.

According to this quality, among other things, always easy to distinguish Novice participants from knowing the off-roaderov who assessed damage to the bumper or numbers in any of the first off-road pokatushek already smeknuli what was happening and quickly upgraded its quadrics, modernize and improve its at the personal request. In short I must say that off-roadery pokatushek experienced the best prepared for the physical and internal stresses. In short the fact that competitors waiting in the future. Only necessary to specify that, duration of the race meet on the day (regularly carried out in the cold season, for winter prolesok to long walks do not have), and travel for several days. In the latter case, the competing defined objective – to get to a certain (the agreed) point on the map, and then organized overnight, assembled the tent, regular roast barbecue on embers, that is, goes on vacation complete the program.

A then all on a journey to another road. Home base rides on quadrics is either refined (with reference to the complex area of the route), or be placed in the conquest of nearby interesting item – the enigmatic ancient or paragraph, or a natural object. And, usually, many believe that trips in the winter season is to make a snowmobile, but it's usually conventional wisdom, because ATV has excellent maneuverability and very good rides are not alone forest debris, and snow drifts. In general, when the window sprinkled snowflakes usually difficult to effectively exploit the ATV and set on the axis caterpillars instead of wheels. Summing up the resume, we say that in this topic, we evaluated as one of the most interesting off-road races – pokatushki on Saturdays. However, this is only a fifth of the pyramid, and of other races with ATV we describe in detail in other articles. the matter here. The data and pictures of ATV riding is easy to see on this site ATV Club Kolomna.

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