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Jul '20

RFL Ones

The occured entries the June month de2000 had after started to observe the minimum limit of 35% kept by the Provisria2166/67-2001 Measure. For more information see this site: medical billing. In 3 property it had the entry of the RFL. Here, Michael Steinhardt expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The year of 2000 registers omaior number of entries (21), probably had to the severity of the MedidasProvisrias that had entered in vigor in the previous years. After the year of 2000, had significant reduction of entries. It was verified that of the registered entries, only 9.3% are of property of until 100ha that imveisregistrados add 47% of the total of. The biggest incidence (39.6%) corresponds to the property between 201 e500ha and that they represent 29.5% of the total area in country properties. What the tudoindica one, the small agricultural proprietor is less inclined to regiter the RFL, if comparadocom the too much categories (MENEZES, SAINTS and BERGER, 2005).

Although the quality of the environment has sidoconsiderada good for the interviewed ones, the majority (eleven) affirmed to have perceived adiminuio of the amount of water in the rivers and streams, whose causes attribute aodesmatamento and to the reduction of rains. Ametade of the interviewed ones affirmed to have acquired the deforested property already. Asespcies of trees considered more common in the region had been the Purple Ip and the IpAmarelo. Wood-Brazil and the Aroeira had been cited as rare species, or mesmoausentes in the majority of the properties. The majority of the interviewed ones demonstrated algumgrau of knowledge on the RFL, however it declared to be unaware of the obrigaolegal of its landmark and entry.

The totality of the interviewed ones that they nopossuem legal forest reserve had affirmed that it intends to implant it. How much aotamanho ideal of the RFL, the majority of the interviewed ones (82%) affirmed to be of 20% ou35% of the property. The minority considered to be of 50% and none interviewed cited opercentual of 80%.

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