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Jan '20

Repaired Parts Best New Technology !!!

And it's not a joke! This is the result of applying modern technology of thermal spraying! Actually maintain equipment in working order without having to replace it with a new for a long period. This allows reduce the cost of repair, increase turnaround cycle of the equipment, as well as to provide sufficient time for technical re-equipment of enterprises. Methods of thermal spraying. Many details modern equipment out of order due to surface wear caused by friction or exposure to hostile environments. This changes only the surface layer of the rubbing parts of the details, all the other properties remain unchanged.

It is to solve the problems of protection and restoration of surfaces and gas-thermal methods have been developed powder and wire coating. Each of the methods of their characteristics and properties: High-speed gas flame spraying. The method is based heating of powder particles with simultaneous acceleration of the substrate to supersonic speeds. The powder particles through the gas jet are transferred to detail, having a high kinetic energy, which on impact with the substrate is converted into heat. As the spray materials, various metal and metal powders. Achieved adhesion strength of 80 MPa, less than 1% porosity, hardness of 72 HRC. Plasma spraying. As the plasma gas argon is used, as well as a secondary gas – hydrogen, nitrogen or helium.

Powder material melts in contact with the plasma arc and crystallizes on the surface details. Spraying can be used in almost any powdered material – metal alloys, metal and ceramics. Adhesion is achieved to 80 MPa, less than 1-5% porosity, hardness of 70 HRC. Flame spraying. The wire is sprayed in a stream of burning in oxygen gas (acetylene or propane). Compressed air melted material transferred to the part where the crystallization and formation of the coating. The materials used wire. Adhesion is achieved to 40 MPa, 1-8% porosity, hardness of 55 HRC.

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