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Feb '15

Renting Rooms

In contrast of what much people think, to find a place to live in So Paulo it can be a task not so complicated thus. But, as everything in this metropolis, is necessary a good dose of patience. The really difficult part certainly says respect to the choice of a quarter to live. Better to live more close to the work or it leisure? In a city of the size of So Paulo, this question is essential. With a total area of 1,5 million of square meters and more than 11 million inhabitants, it are of far the biggest Brazilian city – alone, it 12% of the GIP of the country are responsible for more than (not by chance as many people if move for there every year).

The congested paulistano transit is one of the registered marks of the city. With as many problems of mobility, the choice of the place where if it wants to live gains weight still more. Many give preference for places next to the subway net. The system carries, every day, more than three million people. The expansion of the net in recent years provoked heating in real estate markets of many quarters. One of these examples is Sacom, where a station of the Green line was inaugurated has few months.

To attempt against for mobility alternatives is without a doubt something if to lead in account in the hour to choose a place to live in So Paulo. But goes the great tip of this article here. An alternative that has blunted in recent years is the search for collective housings. In a city as So Paulo, the idea of living collectively in a republic left of being, has much time, thing of student. It has thousand of people looking and offering vacant in apartments and houses. The alternative must interest over all for inhabitants who, without knowing how much time will have to be in the city, do not want to commit themselves to extensive contracts of rent, that they last on average about two years. Flexibility of a pensionato but the tranquilidade and the privacy of a truth home. to find this type of vacant is not so difficult how much it seems. It has many announcements of this type in places that also announce vacant of job, as in the center of city. Other announcements, with discountings, costumam to appear in sites of collective purchase in So Paulo. It has the ones that are organized directly in the net, through sites also specialized. In any way, this is surely plus an option if to consider. the interesting one is that these chances exist in practically any quarter of So Paulo – is enough to be intent. Of the side of the subway, close or far from the work, the choice is its. A determined time, does not have doubt: to rent rooms in So Paulo is a possible alternative!

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