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1. What is a supply chain The supply chain are all components that include the processes to meet customer needs. In addition to these components, also includes a flow finds information, material and funds between all those involved in the process. 2. What is the goal of a supply chain The objective of the supply chain is to maximize the total value generated in other words is: the final value less costs to manufacture. 3. Describe the approaches: Cycle: The cycle approach defines a supply chain processes that clearly understands and who the members of each process, ie specifies the roles and responsibilities. Pull-Push: a focus pull / push is determined by the decision of when to start the process of customer satisfaction.Flip it is a speculative approach, ie anticipate the satisfaction process, based general characteristics that may meet the target. Push, is a reactive approach, in other words the process begins by responding to customer satisfaction, this process is very effective in meeting the target. 4. How the strategy of the supply chain or not to support the competitive strategy of an organization affect its performance The competitive strategy of a company is the group of customer needs that we satisfy with our products and services relative to our competitors. In short, competitive strategy is responsible for ensuring that all processes and tasks delegated to the supply chain are fully implemented without giving priority or importance to one especially so obtain an ultimate good, which aims meet the need of the people. 5.How does the value chain with the supply chain in an organization As we know, the value chain is the price which we will set the client to satisfy this need that the customer wants to replace, less the cost incurred during the process of realization of this right. This is closely related to the supply chain because in the supply chain we see all the processes undertaken to achieve these costs such as supplies and suppliers work hand and transport and so on. This help to fix the total costs incurred to perform this well for so finally get the price in the value chain. 6. Describe in concrete steps to achieve the align / synchronize the competitive strategy of the organization with the strategy of the supply chain.Give the main ideas. Competitive strategy is achieved by synchronizing with the strategy of the supply chain through three fundamental steps: UNDERSTANDING THE CLIENT AND THE UNCERTAINTY OF THE SUPPLY CHAIN: the company to understand the client must know, identify their needs and in which market segment are to recognize key features that improve the performance of the process of satisfaction, this contributes to identify how much should be produced, estimate a time, also to be developed and how you will do, and then reset the price. UNDERSTANDING THE CAPABILITIES OF THE SUPPLY CHAIN: for the next step the company must recognize that so does the whole process more efficient when faced with a demand that is uncertain, which is also recognizing its ability to respond when faced with a concrete specification of what the customer really expects. ACHIEVE THE STRATEGIC FIT The final step to achieving strategic fit is that the company ensures that all functions of the value chain supporting the responsiveness of the supply chain. Answer questions 1, 2, 3, 6 on page 43 of the guidebook. 1.

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