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Sep '20

Ralf Schulz

In social media channels, there is no or only a few hierarchical structures. That spreads more and more to many professional aspects”, said Ioan Brumer. The principle that anyone at any time and on any topic can give his opinion, even a driver in the innovation process is inserted correctly. Omega 3 contains valuable tech resources. Also the open communication behavior and the possible involvement of external partners purchasing processes can speed up, for example, when the supplier search and rating. Who here uses the intelligence of the masses, can achieve significant competitive advantage”, says Ralf Schulz. Finally, it is increasingly difficult to keep the overview in complex markets. As an interface between the internal departments and external service providers h & z study recommends purchasing call a theme and project platform in life.

About them can be a thing worked together and at the same time from different places and easily exchanged new findings. Facing the increasing outsourcing companies such half-open platform solutions gaining importance”, says Ralf Schulz. Also facilitates the simultaneous participation of buyers, researchers, and technicians to identify benefits in purchasing and to bring the technological key points directly with strategic suppliers. Finally, microblogging services, specialized blogs and RSS feeds can improve risk management in the Purchasing Department. In increasingly networked markets negative developments in other sectors, countries and regions can help simply observe and react quickly. “If you have more information about the company h & z and the study procurement meets social media” need, email at, or visit our Web site. The study’s authors: Ralf Schulz, partner at h & z and Ioan Brumer, Advisor at h & z background to the study: based on the trends, the last year in the extensive study of challenges in procurement 2021 “by h & z have shown, be taken as a series of studies individual aspects more closely scrutinized in the future; in the present case, it is social media. For more information about the large study Challenges in procurement 2021 “please contact.

About h & z Unternehmensberatung AG: h & z has locations in Munich, Dusseldorf, Paris, Vienna and Zurich to Europe’s leading consulting firms for business Transformation specializing in purchasing, production, sales and service. Large corporations and renowned medium-sized companies of all industries on the expertise and experience of h & z trust for 15 years. “With the motto consulting with brain, heart and hand” design more than 100 employees, innovative solutions and implement them consistently. 98% of the customers recurring Commission h & z. 2011 h & z in the nationwide competition 2011 was Germany’s best employer “with the great place to work seal of approval for its quality and attractiveness as an employer award.

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