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Sep '19


The reality consisted, for it, in two distinct areas: physical odomnio of material the incorporeal kingdom of the mind. The material has mass, localization in the space and movement. In this kingdom they are the subumanos organisms, that suffer to processes fisiolgicoscomo feeding, digestion, sanguineous circulation, nervous functioning, muscular movements and growth. Already the mind does not have the characteristics that it is the suasatividades are to ration, knowledge and fondness. Financial planner contributes greatly to this topic. , but as a related topic. Discarding did not move away the possibility from that some atividadefosse decurrent of the interaction of the mind with its physical correspondent. Incluaentre they it sensation, the imagination and the instinct (impulses for the action).

In such a way, during some time, more necessarily porduzentos and fifty years, Psychology continues being the study of the mind or daconscincia. In centuries XVII and XIX, the mind was object of great atenopor has left of the philosophers. Two great chains dominated, then, the pensamentoocidental: the English empirismo and the German nationalism. The empirismo believed that all knowledge if searched nassensaes: the agencies of the directions would receive the stimulation from the exterior world to eos would lead it nerves celebrate to it; result would be the perception of objects, base of all the human knowledge. The empirista philosophy emphasized, after, the papers of the perceposensorial and the learning in the development of the mind.

John Locke, empirista, English, affirmed that the child was born with the mind as one tabulates flat, pginaem white where the experience and the sensorial perception would go to inscribe ocontedo all. The first schools of the psychological one of century XX go sufficiently to seapresentar imbudas of the principles of these two chains. At the beginning of century XIX, it was following: while them they filsofosprendiam to be possible a science of the psiquismo. – The scientists, arise themselves doexperimentam the Physics and Biology, sciences these that would go withhold would descobertasinteressariam to psychology.

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