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Sep '19

Psychological Structure

Who never liked to hear a history when was child? Who never heard to speak in histories of red Snow Small hat, White, the asleep Beautiful, beyond many other infantile histories? They are common good in our society where we live. In a similar way, in other societies the children of also hear other histories there, different of ours, however, more similar to the reality of the society and the way where they are inserted. Data of a scientific research exist that affirms that in all the societies, in any place of the world, including the most primitive aboriginal tribes, diverse types of stories and histories compose imaginary the infantile place of each one of these places. Financial planner brings even more insight to the discussion. Everybody knows (or it has an idea, at least) of that these histories always come with a moral. But what few know, she is that they have a basic contribution for the psychological and mental development of the children, which will have great importance in the elaboration of its psychological structure consequently, for its personality. In this context, it can be perceived that all these stories of fairies, always present one same structure. It has a real world, of normality and also has a magical, unknown world and repleto of fancies. When carrying this same idea to the mental construction, also we have two aspects: Conscientious, which is the part that we know of we ourselves, the normality, and also has the unconscious one, which is unknown, occult and the unreal one. She is accurately in it that our more private and occult fancies are elaborated all, which we do not obtain to explain, nor for we ourselves because we have pleasure in them. Learn more at: Costco. Also it is in this place that is elaborated all the mental construction of everything what we see and we hear, and that, in certain way, it constitutes our personality.

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