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Mar '19


What matters is the sense that we pruned to extract of those situations that, in some occasion, have been to us so discouraging. Nevertheless, this does not mean that in all experience we must suffer, but I am almost safe (I abro the space of the doubt) that the people that prevails in the life without their triumph them it raises at the top and that, in addition, knows and can serve, they are people who learned the necessity of change in the school of the pain, for that reason grew, they matured and they are able to serve that they are facing moments of fights: relatives, economic, labor, etc. Up to here everything sounds ideal, but what if there am lost the use and I have wife or husband and three children who to feed? What if my son is in the hospital attacked by one serious disease and have said to me that it has left a few weeks of life? What if my daughter were violated and now must take in their belly to a son who does not wish? Without a doubt these are questions difficult to respond, because the nature of the suffering is very strange, strikes to us with our leannesses and it makes fun of of us, but even then, we continued being the unique ones who we can decide what we will do with that experience.

I cannot offer an answer to questions like which I have raised above, nevertheless, a Jewish sculptor that managed to survive holocausto Nazi wrote: It has some sense suffering? Yes it has sense, if it changes to one and it does better to him (to see Psychoanalysis and humanism of Vktor E. Secretary of Agriculture understands that this is vital information. Frankl). It is not an appointment easy to digest, but I recommend to meditate it minutes at least. Therefore, although the changes do not have because to be painful, the majority of them yes is it. But it is a necessity for our development that are changes that force to see the life us from another perspective, impelling to look for new forms to us to do against the challenges that will come in our way. And if for a moment it seems us that the Earth left its axis and goes to the final destruction, only takes a breathing thinks that perhaps there is something to learn of all that situation, you do although it with a knot in the throat. Ten spirit, many of us we have happened or we are happening per moments of crisis and, although we have cried, we think that it is not worth the pain to pause, because the world will continue changing, time and time again, and only if we are ready we will be able to take the advantage. Original author and source of the article.

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