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May '19

Professor Hamilton Werneck

Problems these, on also to the social structure (or socioeconmico and politician), with the absence of politics of municipal matrix for the question in successive government. LDB 9394/96, defines that ' ' The infantile Education is of responsibility of municpios' '. However what it is perceived in many cities is a total indifference for this first phase of the education, that will be foundation for the construction of the future of basic education, average and posterior formations. With the creation of the FUNDEB (Deep of Development of the Basic Education), the financing of public education in the country, increased of R$ 700,00 for R$ 1.200.00; extending attendance to the demand the day-care centers and average education. Although the FUNDEB to foresee the creation of advice in the three scopes of the Federacy composites for governments, workers, parents and students, with the responsibility to fiscalize the application of the resources of the FUNDEB and the state or local pertaining to school census, fits, however the civil society organized to act to defend what it is of all. (Since the legislative houses of many cities thus do not make it, depriving of characteristics its function).

If the money will not be repassed, the authority could be denounced by responsibility crime. (Daily of Christmas, copyright 2006). The solution, according to Professor Hamilton Werneck (2002, p.30), is While basic education decides its problems, the city halls must increase preschool and the day-care centers, that, in turn, improve the children for a basic future, what it will make, certainly, that they have success in the schools. E, the qualification of professors who will bring improvements in all the directions. Adding, it is clearly, the continuity in the formation courses superior level and better remuneration to conserve a decent teaching picture for the quality. Being also essential in the combat to the evasion, the daescola adequacy to the community; Mainly in cities as Good Garden, where 65% of the population are agricultural.

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