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Apr '20

Profession Certificate Course

Sustainability as a competitive requirement, tool to optimize performance and a guarantee for zukunftsorientirertes economies. 20.6 22.06.2011 in Berlin certificate course to qualify as a sustainability Manager * basics of corporate sustainability * sustainability in the value chain * system sustainability sustainability is today not only guiding principle, but already critical competition requirement, to claims by employees, to meet customers, consumers, investors, authorities and business partners. Many standards such as the ISO 26000, organizations should provide guidance to take into account the current demands of society. They see themselves often in the fullness of the acquisition of its own sustainability performance and the implementation of an organization-wide sustainability strategy overwhelmed: where to start? How to organize? And what are the objectives set? The aim of the seminar is to provide participants with knowledge and skills, their own status surveys carried out sustainability performance to the strengths identify and to show potential. The participants will be then able to establish a commitment to sustainability on a systematic basis in their organization.

In addition to background information on current trends and developments, as well as the required structures, today requests are treated and discussed at length. In several Workshop units, these are underpinned by practical implementation examples. According to the motto from the practice for the practice”refer to Prof. Dr.-ing. Jan Uwe Lieback (Managing Director the GUTcert, experienced environmental assessor and Auditor and Professor of environmental management at the ESCP), Andree meeting field (auditor for occupational safety, environmental, energy and quality management) and Marc Baute (specialist sustainability communications) on their knowledge and experience. The seminar is aimed at executives, sustainability and other representatives of management, CSR Manager, personnel for environmental and quality as well as all concerned that intensified with the theme deal want to or should.

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