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Mar '19

Problem Resistant

For staining the floor needs paint, resistant to mechanical damage (abrasion). The most abrasion-resistant paint, giving a pronounced glossy surface. Are less resistant matte paint, they are not used on the floors the premises, or, alternatively, is covered with varnish. Paints for exterior more resistant to precipitation, and ultraviolet. To paint for interior use (Interior paint) are subject to special security requirements in the outside part of the selection of harmful substances, so you should not use indoor nitro, designed for outdoor use. For staining wooden surfaces, apply oil, water emulsion, latex, alkyd paints, varnishes, enamels and impregnating, as well as their variants. Well established and alkyd alkyd-urethane paint – they form a solid, but sufficiently flexible film. At the same alkyd-urethane formulations last longer, better resist ultraviolet radiation.

In addition, the bright alkyd paints have a tendency to turn yellow over time, and alkyd-urethane almost free from this drawback. The same effect of yellowing occurs when the white paint to cover a seemingly colorless alkyd varnish – in the end we are not white, and slightly yellowish surface. Also, there is a recipe for a tree Preparation of impregnation of natural ingredients. Need only beeswax and linseed oil in the ratio 1:5 – 1:6. The oil is heated in a water bath to a temperature of melting wax, gradually introduce it into the grated fine pieces of wax and mix thoroughly until it is dissolved. The resulting mixture is called ganozisom.

The painted surface becomes dull yellowish nice sunny color of healthy tree. And most importantly – no chemistry! We pass from tree to mineral foundations – concrete, plaster, etc. When the painting works on mineral surfaces is also desirable to pre-color primer. The problem of soil for minerals – penetration and fixation in the surface layers of the coated surface. In addition, binds soil dust remaining after sanding the finish layer of putty.

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