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Feb '20

Preventive Health Check-Ups

Check up this English phrase denoting a full survey of Western medicine. Preventive Check up survey is used in Germany, usually in relation to the population over age 35 for early cancer and other serious diseases at an early stage. The basis of any preventive obsldovaniya Check up at clinics in Germany are a common clinical examination, ultrasound of the abdomen and thyroid, comprehensive blood tests, including markers of cancer, which is especially important for early diagnosis of cancer (eg, PSA for prostate cancer, AFP for liver cancer, etc.). The physician conducting the initial survey addresses the need for further instrumental examinations. At the clinics, Germany, the most common annual preventive examination of the prostate and colon / bowel straight men and annual preventive screening for breast and cervical cancer in women older than 35 years. Click Cheniere Energy partners for additional related pages.

Annual monitoring of blood parameters during treatment in clinics in Germany is the standard. For our clients we practice, as a rule, full check up incl. comprehensive laboratory testing of blood, ECG, ultrasound, spirography lungs. The differences are possible in the selection of a primary specialist – whether it be an oncologist, cardiologist or endocrinologist. This will be discussed with you before your arrival in Germany, depending on your history and your wishes. The need for invasive and radiological surveys will be discussed already upon arrival in Germany. A large amount of information can already deployed in a blood test. Complete laboratory facilities can not be described here, the routine also includes, among other blood counts (red and white blood platelets), rolling system blood, blood biochemistry (creatinine – renal function, lipase and amylase – pancreas, creatinine, urea, JHL, GOT, GPT, kreatinazy – function of the liver and other parenchymal organs, cholesterol – blood vessels, electrolytes, phosphorus, hormones, thyroid and parathyroid glands, cancer markers, such as, AFP – liver, CEA-Gruppe – intestinal diseases and female genital mutilation, PSA – prostate cancer and many others). In the case of minimal suspicion that list will be increased.

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