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Dec '18

Preconceptions Of Psychologists

– We have preconception with obeso? phrase: ‘ ‘ it is legal more so gordinho’ ‘! Chairs, ratchets, clothes and excessively are made for lean. Already it is said in paying double ticket for fat people in airplanes in U.S.A. A famous player had that to public justify because of its gordurinha! Many people who are a little are of the weight today suffer from preconception, remember counting me to a person: – One day I was to shopping and soon in the entrance of the store the salesman said: we do not have numeration for you! This cost it therapy times to fix the deteriorated one for the preconception. The obesidade this being I am careless associated it, and obesidade on account of health questions/illness does not pass in the head of the prejudiced one. – we have preconception the religions? here nor I go to draw out itself, is enough you to remember ‘ ‘ Santas’ wars; ‘. How many times I read in the media: – Murderous Evanglico wife! Pra that it serves this? Pra that serves the evanglico word in the heading of the news? From there we make this with all the religions.

The only one that it serves is mine e, I have said! Ridicule! By the way many psychologists also pass for preconception, I always hear: ‘ ‘ Psychologist is all crazy one, all problematic one, he does not know nor to decide its problems and he comes to give one of gostoso ‘ ‘ How preconception! The ignorance yes is sick! They do not know nor what the psychologist makes and already daily pay judge! Clearly that I would make an immense list of some types of preconception that we commit, to put I believe that the magazine would have that to pass a bolter because it would not have enough space. We would have joining in them to afro descending and homosexuals when they will be to make a movement in the street, to also take our flags. In the civility process that we would have all day to review, one of the points would be the acceptance of the other, as it is, for being it what it is, is not only ugly, fat people, old, poor etc. etc. and such, in them we are people! You also can to be fruit of preconception and in the truth cannot complain. We go to combine? You also are prejudiced. Not!

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