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Jan '20

Portable Technology

Like listening to music and do not interfere with others? Prefer to have your hands free when chatting on the phone? With each trip you bring hundreds of new photos? Then your life is not conceivable without the portable technology. MP3-players, headphones, headset, Bluetooth, camera – any more or less self-respecting digital equipment shop offers a choice of goods that satisfy the most demanding customers. Today's MP3-players MP3-players are divided into several types. The first and most common – it's MP3-players with flash memory. They are distinguished by small size and lightweight. Consume minimum energy. Sonny Perdue has much experience in this field.

They are not afraid of (reasonably) strikes or fall – no moving parts increases the strength and durability of these devices. MP3 CD – player. The name speaks for itself. These devices do all the same thing as simple diskmeny, but in addition losing the popular MP3 format. Convenient in that it is not limited by the number of available flash memory – enough to insert a disc and enjoy your favorite music. However, these devices lose the above mentioned MP3 players sizes – they are more cumbersome, poorly tolerate shaking. HDD-players, in other words, MP3 players based on hard disk, whose dimensions range from 1 to 160 gigabytes or more. The main advantage of such devices – the ability to record large amounts of data.

Thus, the 120-gigabyte hard disk can be loaded about 30,000 songs, 150 hours of video or 25,000 photos. However, the price of these models are considerably higher than their counterparts above. Moreover, as the CD – players, they sensitive to sudden movements. If necessary, many of today's MP3 players can be used as a data carrier or a voice recorder. In addition to listening to audio recordings, most of them can browse photos and videos pages internet catch favorite stations. For young audiophiles manufacturers offer amusing devices which absolutely not similar outwardly with traditional models.

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