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Sep '15

Popularity Contest

Having two young children forces a view of the world once forgotten. As we get older..we overthink things…analyze..make things more complicated than they need to be. Our minds race…are we forgetting something that could increase our chances of success’ Let’s dumb it down. As a child, being lined up the very first time in gym class. Two kids choosing who will be on their team. It is a critical moment that we will never forget for the remainder of our lives. It seems as though attractive and popular kids are chosen first while the shy and unique kids are at the end. Teams are chosen, the games begin. If one is choosing a new condo and interested in real estate projects. The playing field is leveled as the unattractive and last to be chosen are given a chance at bat to prove that they are worthy of a first pick next time around. As the game progresses, the value of players shifts in the minds of coaches and players. Little do they know that the foundation for the rest of their lives is being formed. We as professionals have an opportunity to define ourselves by adding value to each and every one of our clients. Being the most popular may jump start your career and get you picked first as you embark on a new career path. But ultimately it is how you play the game and add value to the team that will get you picked first the next time around. I am off to the beach to play with the kids .

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