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Mar '16

Pope Government

My opinion is based on an article that Arnoldo Kraus in La Jornada from November 19, 2008, who speaks about social violence published and whether it is ethical or not. He tells us: the Mexican State has exercised violence mercilessly. Stealing from the country is a wrongdoing. Not provide quality health care for all is unfair. Lack of water is amoral. Encouraging drug trafficking is criminal. Not provide adequate education or fair pay for teachers is cheapness.

Allowing malnutrition is atrocious. Commit an offence embraced by political or police costumes is heinous. All these arguments are a brief synopsis of the chores of the Mexican State. The Mexico case, from the perspective of poverty and from the experience of the vanquished is synonymous with failure and substrate of coming violence. I thought it was very interesting to return to this article for 5 months after its publication we continue seeing how the Government has been responsible for delete, keep quiet and avoid people looking to improve how people live today in our country, this undoubtedly is a resentment in the village, that sooner or later they end up searching means more ends to take notice and be heard. When we have seen the peasants lifted, workers to strike, students coming out into the streets and the people in general claiming justice can explain to us the by arriving often to violence. The Government should provide us citizens with full certainty of safe, living in a country where, at least the basic needs are covered.

The way in which many people live in our country is deplorable and when things come to a limit we should do something to fix it; I agree with Dr. Kraus when says that he hates violence, I think that there are many alternate means to reach an agreement without that innocent lives are lost and devastate the country with a revolt, but when the Government does nothing more than turn a deaf ear to requests from citizens in any way needs to act to stop the abuses which are committed against us. Violence in any form is good, but if the reasons for which exists is to improve and have a better quality of life, I am aware that somehow has to evolve. The desperation that exists, the lack of resources, no money for the main needs, bad services that offers the State and wanting to have a place better for future generations is a point very valid in which, if all other resources are already sold out, violence can be an inevitable solution to solve what our Pope Government not provides us. The Government will be the only one guilty of the anger of citizens and that desperation reaches to take such measures against. They themselves are the Government – which offer us a panorama of violence and don’t see any action in favour of us. When misery buries hope violence is a response, as the writer tells us in the last paragraph of his article. So like the author I hope that anger will be lower at which the which should guarantee the security and social justice, they have exercised over us.

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