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Feb '14

Polyurethane Moldings

Moldings made of polyurethane – which is not only there? overview of the key elements of the stucco decoration of the most common elements of the stucco decoration, used in almost every finish, this cornice, or even call them skirting or ceiling moldings or fillets. Without the eaves is a part of the collection. Because this is actually the beginning of the stucco decoration in your home or office. Curtain rods are mounted at the junction of ceiling and wall and bypass the perimeter all the rooms, hallways, and even barns. Next on the mass distribution is an element such as molding. In the English version he called the chair rail, which literally translates as rails for the seat.

And do not excist. Once installed at a height just below the back of the chair, moldings, wall coating protects against abrasion spinning or rocking chairs! Shape molding provides attachment to a flat surface – a wall or ceiling. This form of helping them to be installed in a frame or frames. Frame can be mounted on the wall – around the shelves, niches, murals, or any other items, framing another area of coverage for texture or color, and on the ceiling. On the ceiling frame may be held not far from the eaves, emphasizing their ornament, or simply repeating the circuit can divide the ceiling into several zones, in the center of each of them, for example, is chandelier with rosette, and can simply be made interesting polygon.

To some, the most popular moldings in the collection have corners. This special features designed to simplify the preparation and decoration framework. If you want to make a frame with a simple right angles, the frame you do not need, but if you want the corners to make a particularly elegant, it sometimes makes sense to start looking trim it with a corner element! In conclusion, it should be noted that the cornices and moldings are flexible. What is it and why? Flexible molding is used when the curved wall – lekalnogo profile, when you need to arrange a bay window where you need to frame Arch! Important! Pay attention, or ask a consultant to stucco, a minimum radius to which chosen cornice or molding! If the manufacturer does not guarantee a stable service, flexible moldings you require a radius, do not use it. Select a cornice or molding a fine, because the smaller the height of the cornice or molding, the lower the minimum allowable bending radius. Often used in the interior or a medallion (usually smooth socket). Traditionally, the outlet installed in the middle of the ceiling above the chandelier. Also, sockets are often used and simply as ornamental panels, as recurring parts on the same level – Such as high ceilings – below the cornice at regular intervals of length. The range of sizes of sockets in the stucco of polyurethane – from 10 to 100 cm columns. They also include semi-columns, and (ie, column, sawn lengthwise). By the way most of the column are obtained by gluing together two columns. Some manufacturers generally offer only half-columns that are being proposed already in place to glue. It's actually very convenient, especially in when it is necessary to issue some not very nice pipe.

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