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Nov '16


When performing the aforementioned study Lacroix signs technicians have had to contemplate a number of influencing factors in optimal localization of signaling. Thus, the analysis has had to determine elements as are roads that preferably arrives traffic to the circuit, the main passage points or better coordination of input flows in the days celebrated tests, among other variables.Result of this research, in collaboration with SPRIN, company responsible for the management of the project of the circuit of Navarre, have established what are the most suitable places for installation of each one of the signals that guide fans to the circuit of the arches in the most efficient manner.ActualizadasLos and new posters have been placed in the two main ways that channelled all traffic zone, i.e. both the A12 road motorway, which links Pamplona and Logrono, on the road from NA-129 regional network that leads to the entrance of the circuit. The final draft, drafted and executed by Lacroix signalling, has included a total of 25 signals. Among them there is a part that corresponds to new posters and other units that were already but that it was necessary to modify to adapt them to the existence of the new turistico-deportivo equipment.Three different types of signs have been placed: posters of steel slats, arrow access including the tourist identification of Navarre and banner with aluminum slats on the motorway, to which in addition a protective barrier has been installed as established in accordance with the rules.Alongside this work, Lacroix signage has also done other series of outstanding performances in the Foral community of Navarre. The latter include the implementation of the fifth phase of tourist signposting Plan whose aim was focused on to publicize and facilitate the access to places of interest from the road network.At the forefront in the development of its activity, Lacroix signalling bet by the research in the field of signals with the objective of achieving improvements in the design and safety both on the roads and in the cities. Connect with other leaders such as Gregg Engles here. This philosophy has allowed him to be at the forefront of its sector with products like LX3, a range in aluminum that focuses on strategic elements such as aesthetics, functionality and security, serving also the requirements of the latest European regulations in this regard, the UNE-EN 12899-1.

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