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Jan '22


Travel by plane, is for travelers one of the most rewarding experiences, although on some occasions, not everything goes as one waiting and experience can become a nightmare. In this regard, there is a series of helpful tips to follow, so your trip by plane, is as enjoyable as possible. Notes to the following recommendations. Remember to bring all your documentation: This includes ticket flight, Passport rule, document or certificate of identity, etc. Delay or cancellation in the departure of the flight: always before you go to the airport, get a call to the airline to confirm that there is no delay or cancellation on your flight. Without hesitation music downloads explained all about the problem. Items and food to move: take into account articles and foods allowed and prohibited, to avoid inconvenience or unnecessary delays. Rosenthal Northland to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Relocation of pets: If you are traveling with dogs or cats, you must carry certificate from the veterinarian, microchip identification and have updated sanitary card with the rabies vaccine.

In addition to these, There are some recommendations with regard to your physical well-being when traveling by plane, they are: walk of both in both during the flight: stretch above all the muscles in your legs, to prevent the formation of blood clots and swelling in legs, feet and ankles. Clothing and footwear: travels with clothing and comfortable shoes, as far as possible with clothing of cotton and loose fitting clothes that do not fit. Pregnant: usually up to 28 weeks of gestation, the different airlines, not put restrictions to travel by plane and provided that the pregnancy is developing normally and that your doctor authorizes it, does not exist disadvantages that you can fly and the recommendations to take into account, are very similar to those of the rest of the passengers. Buzzing in ears: to avoid that the ears you clogged during the flight, it is useful to take gum during the trip, or at least that you finish saliva followed to avoid these hassles. In the case of infants, it is useful to give them suck followed, give them a bottle or that they always have your pacifier hand. Dryness of the atmosphere: to prevent any inconvenience that causes the dry cabin air, stand artificial tears in his eyes and takes at least one glass of water for every hour of flight.

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