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Sep '22

Noble Bourgeois

She imagines if everything was only one dream If people could wake up and to know, that religion does not exist nor war nor death, nor hunger, only PEACE It imagines if we could choose our destination, which would be it. ! Lawyer, I medicate or only one Noble Bourgeois. To put we could choose all the cabvel destination the end would be the same thing, nothing dumb in the flow of the life In the truth nape of the neck we would be Satisfied with nothing, because the pleasure of living is this, to make to happen, and if nothing of certain we only remain to twist and try of new. Why one day in some place somebody decided that we do not seriamos owners of our destination. Read more here: Maisie Richardson-Sellers. mouthpiece or emailing the administrator. That is we are owner of our choices but of our destination, ironic way this, why from the moment that we make a choice is not that we desire something in the future we will be tracing what? if everything already was written and everything already is traced! We can make you vary choice, but its destination is same what dumb it is form I finish of it of it, ‘ ‘ you can take a life pacata, or of extravagrancy, you plant you harvest.

which true intention of we are here, aguem to answer would know me! To put I have a certainty you makes you will choose but nape of the neck goes to change its destination because the much time it already was traced, makes the choice the end of its life is you who of. you have the right of the choice of the made a mistake one of the certainty, of just of the unjust one. But whichever its choice if does not repent, therefore you are only responsible for its stay in this land, you you trace its goals. but you are not who decide its destination!.

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