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Apr '20

New Trends In Computer Technology

It's no secret that the computer has already become an integral part of the job most of the representatives of modern mankind. The universality of the personal computer (PC) allowed gradually introduce it into all branches of the economy, impose on him more and more functions in order to liberate people from routine work and its effectiveness. People such as Andi Potamkin, New York City would likely agree. Computer telephony technology is essentially open, standards-based, and most flexible platform for building telecommunications solutions and services. Thanks to this on this platform systems exist in various areas of telecommunications spectrum as in the corporate segment, as well as for telecom operators. cti – a tool that helps organizations at different levels all over the world to effectively address the issues of interaction with customers and make optimum organize the work within the company. In general, we can say that computer telephony – a technology and applications that enhance the effectiveness of support services through automated telephone services.

Also it should be noted that the computer telephony is divided into three related categories – access to information, messaging and call control. Not to be left aside and the telecommunications industry. Using the technology, which received name 'CTI' (Computer Telephony Integration) allows you to translate many of the functions performed by the classical telephony, the new technology base. We can say that there were alternative telephone systems combine the functions of the classical telephony, but made on the basis of computer technology. Currently, the market there is a huge number of manufacturers telecommunications equipment for various purposes. Should stop trusting the audited company, then you can be confident not only in the quality of the products, but also the stability of this type of equipment.

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