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May '19

New Business Management

Dipl.-ing. For more clarity and thought, follow up with WhiteWave Foods and gain more knowledge.. Holger Zumpe of now sole Managing Director of the enterprise content management provider Bremen early June 2010 the co-owner of Jens Buscher DocuPortal for new challenges left. He handed over the company to the current CTO, Dipl.-ing. Holger Zumpe, who is now new sole Managing Director. Holger Zumpe had redirected human development, resources and finances for the innovative compact ECM solution after the founding of DocuPortal by Jens Buscher and him in June 2003. The development by DocuPortal recognized with many awards and good reviews from ECM analysts already. Since its inception, DocuPortal has can inspire for his eponymous ECM system over 270 customers from various industries and business sizes. The rapid availability and adaptability of the solution, low learning curve for staff, as well as a flexible price structure, which focuses on the needs and requirements of the medium-sized customers are crucial. as compatible beliefs.

Holger Zumpe is planning to expand the existing success and has designed a new strategy for dieDocuPortal .NET platform. She will represent a new milestone in the development of successful ECM solution. DocuPortal ECM Suite version 9 is released as a first step in this broader strategy this year with the new Automation services. The Automation services are the new components for a significant expansion of the product portfolio in terms of flexibility, scalability, and especially the automation of business processes of companies. About company DocuPortal about 270 customers the DocuPortal already use ECM suite for a wide range of challenges in different sectors and sizes of business. The high satisfaction of our customers is among the high ranking in the Benchpark rating portal. In professional circles, the compact DocuPortal ECM solution is recognized.

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